The Land of Liberty, Peace & Plenty

Award-Winning Freehouse, Hertfordshire, UK

Gill, Martin and staff offer a warm welcome, whether a local or visiting pub-goer.

'A proper pub' is a phrase frequently used to describe our house, both by regulars and visitors. As a business we offer you all the traditional aspects of a friendly atmosphere, great real ales, great snacks and great company.

The building is a traditional style single bar pub, which was built in the 1820's and served as the local beer shop. It became a pub with 3 rooms in the late 19th Century, and has had various improvements made over the years.

We consider that we are running and living in a community service as well as a business and many of our neighbours are regulars.

We look forward to seeing you in person whenever you can visit us and please use the links below to keep in touch online! Cheers!

Gill & Martin


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